Hello, World!



While sitting in class today, thinking about the million things on my to-do list, I hesitantly accepted that now is the time to start my blog.  It has been something I’ve desired to do for years but honestly never had the courage for.  As my life becomes more chaotic with work, school, relationships, etc.,  this will be my outlet to vent, encourage, and inspire.  I’ve been changing a lot since I graduated college. I have a lot to say and am thrilled to start this journey.

I am here to give you 110%, to have fun, drink wine and, make you smile.   I’m figuring it all out as I go and want you to join me on this journey.  Get ready for posts from health and fitness to relationships and families, and all that falls in between. I’m excited to begin a new chapter in my life and want youto be apart of it.

So here it is, Handle With Heat my life before your eyes.  Let’s do this.